Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yay Books!

Special September Offer
A Draw to WIN two Books!

Purchase a copy of
"Horse On The Loose" by Sara Dudenhoeffer

And be entered to win a copy of
"Saving London" and "Sarah's Promise"
written by Opel Johnson of PumpkinHead Publishing
and illustrated by Sara Dudenhoeffer

All of these books are self-published by the authors. You are not supporting some big faceless publishing company by purchasing these books, you are directly supporting the author and artist involved with the creating of these books.

* * * *

"Saving London" and "Sarah's Promise" are written for ages 9 - 14 (approximately), and are great reads for avid horse lovers. They are the first two books in a series about a young girl named Sarah and her special relationship with a beautiful horse named London's Girl.

"Horse on the Loose" is written for a slightly higher reading level but is enjoyable for all ages. It follows two young teens, Jesse and Danielle who live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. It is the first book of a series of books called, The Pinto Mountain Series. This series of books deals with heritage, growing pains, horses, environmental issues, and more.

The great thing about all three of these books is that they have GLOSSARIES in the back where a lot of the farm lingo, horse terms, and "big words" are explained... which is great for those horse lovers out there who are itching to learn more about their favorite animal!

Why am I posting this ad in my blog?
Because I'm the Sara who wrote "Horse on the Loose" and who illustrated "Saving London" and "Sarah's Promise"... please support me and purchase a copy of my book! Thank you :)

* * * *

The draw for the two books will happen October 1st
So, if you're considering purchasing "Horse on the Loose",
now is a great time!!

Go to to order
and please tell your friends!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Million Giraffes

"My friend, Jørgen, doesn't believe I can collect one million giraffes by 2011. I'm gonna prove him wrong, but I need your help. You can create your giraffe(s) in any way you like, but not on a computer and no store bought objects. You must create your giraffe(s) yourself!

So far I've got 244 294 giraffes, so I need 755 706 more and I have 478 days left.
Let's show Jørgen how am
azing the internet is."


Hello world! Yes, I still exist! No, I haven't forgotten about this blog! (believe it or not)

So, anyhow, as you can tell from what is posted above, this post is about GIRAFFES. I was shown this website a week or so ago where this person was trying to collect one million giraffes before 2011 and being the giraffe fan that I am, I just had to participate! And now, having participated, I've gotten on a serious giraffe kick. So, for this edition of ARTIST SHOUT OUTS, I'm going to post some great GIRAFFE art that I've found kicking around etsy. Feel free to follow that link above and participate in the One Million Giraffes challenge, btw.

enrouge on Etsy
"Listen" by k.k Aron

paintallnightstudios on Etsy

Original Abstract Paintings
by Marie & Robert Bretz

HamjArt on Etsy
"Nigel" by HamJ

"I Can Reach That"
by Arlene Faye

MaiaArt on Etsy
"Giraffe Moment" by Maia


The art posted on this blog entry (and every blog entry on this
blog, for that matter) is copyrighted to its respective artist.

Please do not save any images of art from this blog.
If you enjoy the art you see, please visit the artist's etsy shop.