Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Art For Sale!

Art For Sale

Self-Representing Artists who've been
capitalizing off of the splendid internet...
and who seem to be doing well

Some purists don't like the idea of making art to sell...
But when you find something you love doing, isn't the smartest and most natural next step to figure out how to support yourself doing it? You can paint for yourself on the side and paint to bring income as well. Finding a niche where you enjoy what you do and can make money doing it - isn't that THE Dream!?

In any case, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a few artists that I know of that are doing just that. Hopefully they inspire you, or at least give you some Christmas shopping ideas *wink wink*

Dog Art Studio - Selling on Etsy

I've spent many an hour looking through Etsy and Ebay to see what kind of art is most popular with buyers. I know, it kind of sounds a bit capitalistic and scummy, but if you are an artist working toward being able to support yourself through art sales, you need to know what sells. And from what I've seen, if painting pets is your niche, you've pretty much got it made!

I really like Ron Krajewski's style when it comes to pet portraits. His portraits are realistic but don't have the look of "all skill and no creativity" like some portrait artists have. I love the loose feel of his watercolours. It is hard to imagine that he was able to get that good with no schooling in art. You can check him out on Etsy; his username is "DogArtStudio" - there's a link to his shop above, as well.

Osnat Fine Art - Selling on Ebay and personal Website

I discovered Osnat Tzadock on Ebay a few years ago and have been a fan ever since! She does amazing large scale art and is another self-taught artist. Her art is Contemporary Abstract for the most part and while looking like something made to hang in your living room, it also has an art gallery feel. Vibrant colours, high contrast, lots of movement - go see it for yourself!! Check out her Website and her Ebay store!

2 Rivers Western Gallery - Selling on Ebay

There could never be too many Horse Artists... enough said! ;)

Mistique Studio - Selling on Ebay

When you have a style that is uniquely yours but that seems to be derived from some absolutely cute and unforgettable critters from the 80s-90s, you've got to open a shop! Misti Hope Wudtke seems to do quite well with her shop on Ebay. I can't help but squeal at her cutesy Unicorns, Dragons and Kitties. But ontop of that, she is quite skilled in more realistic styles and at jewelery making. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. I believe you can also find her on DeviantArt and on her own website.

The Peach Pit - Selling on Etsy

Frightfully, delightfully Retro! This artist draws out her funky graphic pictures by hand, scans them, and then colours them in digitally. Her prints are nothing short of fantastic, if you ask me. Check her out on Etsy, if you like retro and graphic art, you will not be disappointed.

Hide n Seek - Selling on Etsy

Best Colour Palette Ever! Wonderful, whimsical, beautiful art by 'Hidden Eloise' of England. She sells prints, magnets, buttons, stickers and more with her beautiful art printed on them. I just think her art is so much fun.

Well, now that I've gotten you started thinking about all the fun artists who sell their art on the web. I hope I've inspired you to start a shop if you haven't already, as well as go out and spend all your earnings on other artists! I know that tends to be my fault with selling stuff online - I spend the money I earn right away on other artists who sell online, lol! But Christmas is on the way, and the best kind of gift is a win-win gift! Support and artist as well as give a wonderful gift, buy from self-representing artists aaaand artisans!

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