Thursday, November 6, 2008

Artists on Parade

Hello to those of you who have found this blog in the short, short time it has been up.

I was able to get in contact with a number of different artists yesterday. I've sent out my interview questions to them via email and am waiting to hear back. I'm excited at how well received I have been with all the artists I have contacted - but why not, right? As artists, you can never have enough 'shout-outs'. While we excitedly wait for my first featured artist, let's check out some other artists that I recently found on DeviantArt.

Artists You Should Check Out...

"AdonisWerther" of Germany
You can find him on DeviantArt and Myspace

On his DeviantArt gallery he says his favorite type of art is "Digital surreal photorealism" which also sounds like a good description of his own. Please check him out, his fantastic and somewhat controversial art will not disappoint!

"RavenofSorrows" aka Jeff Powers, of Canada
Find him on DeviantArt and his own Website

I actually had the privilege of meeting this imaginative and talented person when I was attending college for Fine Arts. I was a piddly little first year and he was one of the big, scary third years. When I had met him, he was working a lot with oil paint and was fantastic at it. Now, it seems, he is mostly into the digital. Either way, this guy is quite talented and you can tell his art reflects his creativity and science fiction interests.

"Eddie the Yeti" aka Eddie Mize, of the USA
Find him on DeviantArt or his Website

This talented and skilled artist seems to be equally skilled in pencil, ink, digital, acrylic and more. His art is exciting, strange and sometimes horrifying. His styles include realism, surrealism, comic, cubism... all the way to the outer limits of what would be art. He's not scared of bright colours but at the same time, his black and white pieces never lose interest with their lack of colour. It is impossible to choose just one piece from his gallery to represent him here, so please make sure you check him out - I know you'll be an instant fan of his!

"Aeryael" of Brazil
Find her on DeviantArt

On to a slightly softer side of art, you will find Aeryael's gallery filled with beautiful digital pieces as well as soft pencil sketches. Her figures are wonderful and you'll find them in an array of styles from semi realism to stylized cartoons. I love her colour palettes. She makes everything look so easy, with her effortless pencil lines and brush strokes. And I enjoy that her women aren't completely anorexic, because I've personally never thought skin and bones were a sign of beauty.

Well, I think I've given you enough galleries to spend hours rooting through for now. Hopefully one or more of these artists will especially tickle your fancy. If there are any artists that have a presence online that you really enjoy and you think should be on parade here or even featured, please drop me a line!

Have a great day and keep enjoying art.


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