Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Artist Feature || Medhi

Welcome to our third Artist Feature. Today we have the honor of hearing from a beautiful artist from the Czech Republic who creates imaginative dream scenes with his tablet. Enjoy.
Name: Jiří Zralý
Online Alias: Medhi

To start off, please tell us a little bit about yourself and
where you are from.

So, I am 25 years old and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. Last
year, I finished University and now I attend to my work, which is
programming and webhosting work. Painting is only my hobby

When did you first start drawing/painting?

In school, during boring lessons, I was drawing all the time. But these
pics I started to paint, when I was bought a tablet. It was about two
years ago.

How would you describe your current style?

Uf. I am not a professional painter, and I can't paint anatomy and other
stuff so good. So, I paint what I can and putting my fantasy into the
canvas. My style is a little bit fairy-tale-ish and I like to play with
light and mood.

What is your favorite medium/media to work in and why?

Best for me is tablet and Photoshop, because it is very simple. I tried oil
too, it is very interesting, but much harder to manage. Here is one of my
oil-on-canvas pictures:

Aside from painting and creating, what do you do?

As I told above, I am programming and carrying my own business
with my colleague. We do webhosting in Czech and driving a
widget-system called

Can you remember the first image you displayed
publicly online or in real life?

Before I had a tablet, I was painting by mouse, only. My first published
image was this Christmass compliment of the season:

What does art and the creating of it mean to you?

It is like putting fantasy into real. Worlds in my mind goes to canvas
and I can see them clearly. Painting tasks my other hemisphere of brain,
so it is a good opposite of my other hobbies.

What influences helped get you to this point in your art?

I am trying to study other images from masters of digital panting and
the community on CG webs has helped me a lot, by advice, too.

What are your goals as an artist, short term and long term?

Mmm, I think I have no goals in painting, maybe wishes :) It is only
a hobby, it makes me happy, but it is not race. I would like to
improve in anatomy drawing and my little dream is to publish my images
in some kind of children / fairytale book. It would be nice.

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