Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas is on the Way

Thanks be to Etsy and other online markets! Never again will you have to buy a boring gift.

I have always
been a firm believer that buying from self-representing artisans is best. Etsy has given us a great gift by providing an online market for all self-representing artists and artisans to sell their goods. It is a wonderful thing!! I like giving gifts that I bought from a self-representing artist or artisan.. it feels like I'm doing two good things instead of just one. My humble little bit of money is going straight to the person who I want it to, instead of getting lost in a huge corporate chain. I'm not just buying a gift for my friend/family, I'm supporting an artist / artisan.

I think that's just awesome!

Anyway, with Christmas not far off, you don't have too many more days to delay purchasing online. In only weeks, if not already, the post offices are going to be filling with packages of fruitcake and tins of lemon cookies - or whatever it is that people send
in the mail. So, if you want to purchase your gifts online, now is the time.

Here are some things that I've seen on Etsy that I think are neat

Edith and Lulu
welery made from buttons!?

Original Art by Arlene Faye

Notecards, Originals, Prints, ACEOs....

Naiad Soap Arts
Gorgeous and Green Soaps!

Morgan Nichole Gifts

Adorable Baby Accessories

Fine Art Prints from
Amy Giacomelli and Natalia Skye

Studio Melange

Art etc. by Victoria Rees

Constant Dreamer
Whimsical Art by Shaylind Standing


"saving the planet through decoupage"

HomeStudio Pendants

Cool Affordable Gifts - Scrabble Pendants!?!

(I bought a bunch of gifts on etsy all in the same sitting one day. These guys were the first to ship. I received my pendant today and it is faaaabulous.)

Coquelicot Salon
crocheted fashion

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