Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Etsy Sellers to Check Out

Since the weather outside is absolutely frightful, today...

thanks to for those depressing photos

I figure another post in my good ol' Artist Shout Outs blog should be the thing to hit the spot. Here are a few more Etsy artist picks to keep your pocket books on empty.


Skillfully painted, joyful summertime oriented... visiting this shop is a great pick-me-up

Joshua Martens -

DripStick is an interesting etsy shop out of Brooklyn, NY that is actually a group of different artists. Joshua Martens' "TTV Fine Art Photography" really caught my eye on this gusting, snowy, windy day. His photographs have some serious nostalgia value and definitely look like framable art. Love the Retro colours and Miami beaches.


Fantastically Graphic, when I first came across this etsy shop, I thought perhaps the art for sale was digital prints or maybe some form of print making. But it seems as though these paintings are all hand painted in acrylic. Fantastic! I love the Modern meets Retro style and the graphic edge... yes, I know, I'm just throwing words around, now. But I definitely love this style!

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