Monday, March 2, 2009

Waiting on Spring

Spring is an exciting time of year! The snow melts, the grass greens, leaves start to regrow on the trees, and beautiful flowers and plants start to grow up from beneath the earth. Up here in Canada, we still have another month to go, but I'm itching for spring! So, here are some beautiful "Spring" themed art pieces found on - if you like what you see, please visit the artist's etsy shop!

16x11 inches

Cherry Blossoms
4x6 inches

Pink Showers
8x10 inches

Spring Blossom
8.5 x 11 inches

An Exuberance of Tulips
14x20.5 inches

Fenced In
5x7 inches

Green and Yellow Chickadee with Circles
8 x 8 inches

8x10 inches

Swing 3
24 x 30 inches

The art posted on this blog entry (and every blog entry on this
blog, for that matter) is copyrighted to its respective artist.

Please do not save any images of art from this blog.
If you enjoy the art you see, please visit the artist's etsy shop.


Jade Scarlett said...

These are all gorgeous!!!


Tlou said...

Thank you! I agree!! :) :)