Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Studios on Parade

Hello! Welcome to another "Studios on Parade" entry.

As you probably already know, we are looking at the many different studios and work areas of different artists. So, below are a few more artists who have agreed to share their studios with us. To see the previous studio themed entries you can click on the 'studio' label / tag and that'll bring up all the "Studios on Parade" posts.


Real Name: Helen Gotlib
Online Alias: (helengotlib)
Location: Ann Arbor, MI.
Website: http://www.helengotlib.com/
Online Shop: http://www.helengotlib.etsy.com/

Brief Bio:
Helen Gotlib was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In college, Gotlib divided her time between printmaking and scientific illustration. Her experience in scientific illustration helped her develop her ability to produce very detailed work. Her interest in printmaking evolved as she studied many different methods including lithography, intaglio, and wood block printmaking with water-based inks. Gotlib has traveled extensively. Her observations of people and customs in Japan, China and Israel have influenced her perception of the human body and how expressive it is. Her life drawings reflect what people can express with isolated parts of their bodies. Gotlib’s work has been exhibited in numerous juried shows across the country.

Are you a Fulltime/Part time Working Artist?
I work as an artist full time. I’m either making work or traveling around on the art fair circuit showing my work.

How long have you been an artist?
Since I was born with a crayon in my hand! ;)

What types of Media do you work with?
Pen, ink gouache and etchinh/intaglio

What scale do you work at?
Any where from tiny to 52”x30”

Tell us a little bit about your studio:
I work in my little studio in Ann Arbor, MI. My boyfriend and I have a 2 bedroom house and the whole first floor is devoted to our art studios for printmaking, drawing and painting. We always have a bazillion projects going on and not enough space!!! I bought my first etching press about 3 years ago now and I love it! (It’s the main sculptor in our house!) It’s no name brand; I did not have $10,000 to buy anything too fancy. An auto mechanic in Canada built this press.

Is your studio at your home or elsewhere?
at home on the first floor.


Real Name: Shelli Heinemann

Online Alias: potbellyarts

Location: Chico, California, USA

Website: http://www.potbellyarts.com/

Online Store: http://www.potbellyarts.etsy.com/

Online Art Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/potbellyarts/

Are you a Fulltime/Parttime Working Artist?
Fulltime. Supposedly. I get distracted easily.

How long have you been an artist?
I began thinking of myself as one around 2004/5. I've never had an art class but I've always been a "draw-er."What types of Media do you work with? I earn my wage as a teddy bear artist so I use a lot of mohair and stuffing and fabric and ribbon, for trim. For fun I make canvas-based art and lately favor Prisma markers.

What scale do you work at?
My teddy bears are 12-16" and my "flat" art is usually ATC sized or 4x4. I'm hoping to expand into journals and altered books which are a bit bigger and more complex, and someday, to paint a large canvas.

Tell us a little bit about your studio...

It's my guest room. I like it bright and cheery and colorful in there. It's absolutely stuffed to the gills with awesome art schtuff. My red shelving unit from IKEA makes me giddy. I can't live without my inspiration boards, which I glance at regularly for inspiration. All the yummy art I've received as gifts or in trade, that's extra special, framed, or NOT an ATC (those go in a special album), is hung on the walls of my studio, to inspire me and remind me of my awesome art friends "out there" somewhere in this wide world. My dad painted the huge canvas that hangs over the head of the bed (but there's not a good view of it shown here.) It features one of my bears and is kinda abstract, hence the skeleton hand! My dad ALSO made the awesome ribbon racks to the left of my red shelf. He's a keeper, that dad of mine.

How much time do you spend working in your studio?

Not enough, when it comes to bears. I'm trying to find a way to continue to challenge myself in that area so motivation stays high. I make all my ATCs and 2D art in my studio.Is your studio at your home or elsewhere? At home.


Are you an artist with an online presence (website, shop, gallery) and have a studio space that you would like to share? Please fill out the following survery/interview and send it to: wolftlou(a)hotmail(dot)com along with 1-3 photos of your studio space well before the end of March. Thanks!

Real Name:
Online Alias: if you have one
Website: if you have one
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Online Store: if you have one
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Are you a Fulltime/Parttime Working Artist? y/n
How long have you been an artist?
What types of Media do you work with?
What scale do you work at?
Tell us a little bit about your studio
How much time do you spend working in your studio?
Is your studio at your home or elsewhere?

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Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

Seriously love these blurbs about different artist's spaces. Helps me in deciding what I am going to do with mine once we get the basement done. *wishes hard that it will be soon* >.<

Anyways, I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award! Please check out my blog to learn all about it :)

ksc said...

Would it be too late to parade my, uh, "studio" past your blog? I love these others that have been posted!